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Connect a Bite © 8 March 2012Connect a Bite © 8 March 2012

Today feels like a wonderful time to kick off Connect a Bite because it’s a very special day for women around the world, as it is the 37th International Women’s Day to be celebrated, and the United Nations International Women’s Day theme this year is ‘Empower Rural Women – End Hunger and Poverty’.

I wanted to use the message of ‘end hunger and poverty’ theme to introduce Connect a Bite a little more and welcome all of you into the conversation of what it means to bring meaning to what you’re eating, and how we as individuals–and some of us as strong women–can become changing forces within our community.

Connect a Bite can be a useful tool and resource if you are ever feeling as though you’re reaching an exhaustive rut—because believe me this happens to the best of em’—or you’re just in need of a personal boost of knowledge and trusty tips.  Realize that what we eat, how we treat all animals around us, and the environmental choices we make every day affect our fetching looks, moods, outlook, inner strength and will.

Start small, little maybe even teensy weensy, just make the promise and commitment to yourself that you will help change your life by starting with your cupboard and this will give you the personal boost and enthusiasm to help affect other people’s lives.  As women, we have an amazing amount of endurance and ingenuity, on this special day, take the time to exercise these abilities.

So, to align ourselves as women with something that’s truly in our roots, make a point to cook or prepare a delectable meal from scratch today and start by buying locally grown produce and fare.  Don’t just dump a can of soup from a can, or pop a frozen pizza in your oven. I say, don’t even dump some pre-mixed lettuce from a bag today.  Blend, slice, dice, bake, boil, roast, toss and stir-fry it up all on your own.  Call or text your mother(s), sister(s), grandmother(s), aunt(s), god mother or even a close female friend, borrow a recipe and then veganize it with love and a dash of spicy!  Try adding your own personal twist, give it a zippy name and then as you’re eating know you made a difference.  Place a—distinctive and often overlooked wild flower that has popped up in your yard—in a recycled jar or small vase on your table for a splash of nature while you dine.    Run the water a little less after you clean those dishes, and ‘break bread’ by the light of the setting sun or an aromatic soy candle instead of keeping the lights on.   Make this meal more than a meal, make it an experience and you as a woman, and even my men followers, will be one step closer to truly connecting and affecting.

And remember…bite responsibly!

Healthy Regards,





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    Sultana March 9, 2012

    This was a nice read and thanks for the encouragement! I just opened a can of chili and after a heard a dreaded “thump” sound of meat and beans into my empty bowl, I figured it was time to change things up a bit.

    Also, Sometimes grandma’s cooking (especially if she’s southern) isn’t as wholesome as we would want it to be. Even though we may enjoy memories of taking a good nap after eating a heavy meal with the family, we should still look at why the family can’t stay alert and active after that heavy meal. Once I learned how to cook my favorite meals from my grandmother’s recipe book I learned how much starch and gluten was inside of them and I realized (with your blog entry) you can still carry on tradition but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it better (or in this case healthier). I think it’s nice you encourage women in general to incorporate fresh ingredients in their cooking so eventually their kids may pick-up on good food choices – like why a fresh tomato has a special taste some can tomatoes don’t. <3

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      connectabite March 9, 2012


      Great point. Sadly, many of our ancestors recipes can only classify as the ever-dreaded ‘comfort foods’ , thus making it harder to carry on these traditions. I’ve experienced this situation of attempting to turn a once body-bomb recipe into a body-boosting recipe, but unfortunately I’ve hit walls as I am sure many will, but attempting the cross-over is always worth a try. Gluten is not our friend, you’re correct. Thank you for the wonderful incite. I hope you keep reading, and I can work with your to come up with great tips for your kitchen.

      Healthy Regards,

      ~RAM~ xo

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