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One weekend can feel very differently from another depending simply on a person’s outlook.  This weekend in particular I watched a lot of films including :  Celebrity, Whatever Works, Around the World in 80 Days, Jeff Who Lives at Home, and Who Killed the Electric Car.  I am not sure if the perspective I gained is something I did consciously, but each film appeared to touch on a theme of personal choice and how these choices affect other people.  The lines of this idea were not perfectly drawn in each movie, but I think the ambiguity is perhaps why they lingered with me.

To be perfectly fair, there is a nihilistic side of me and I’ve been known to be a bit of a misanthrope, but as time progresses, this side of me is dissolving to some extent.  Why is there this negative side of me?  I don’t know that I can answer that question with 100% clarity, but I know there’s one aspect of nihilism that stays with me.  I find comfort in questioning things, and I feel a lot of questions of life, existence, and how we’re all tied to one another can be dark, grim and appear disorderly, but they are nonetheless questions that need to be asked.  All of the above being stated, I’d like to think that I am a blossoming optimist with each day that passes, and that is why these films affected me with such percussion.

Without meandering down a long road of diction and rhetoric, I’d like to show you a 6 1/2 minute clip from Whatever Works, that channeled my inner pessimist.  There’s a sunny side, so keep reading, post video. :)

Whatever Works; written & directed by Woody Allen

Everybody’s happy to talk, full of misinformation.  If I have to eat nine servings of fruits and vegetables a day, I don’t want to live.  And with it all, the day still comes when they put you in a box.

– Boris (Larry David, from the clip)

Immediately after seeing this portion of the film I felt very silly for starting this blog.  I questioned what I was doing writing out posts for anyone to read, knowing that I’m not an expert on the subjects I discuss.  I’m just another student of life–as trite as that may sound–like the rest of you, why should you care about what I have to say?  However, commiserating and discussing is never a bad thing.  Questioning and expressing thoughts is not illegal, and it happens that there might be a select few who do care about what I’ll be mulling over on each entry.   Worry resolved.

A proselytizer I am in context to supporting a cause or point of view, but I am not the type to push my views on others unless an urgent situation presents itself.  Being vegan is a ‘lifestyle’ in many ways, and unfortunately the term itself has a very negative connotation.  I think living a cruelty-free life is still something that needs to be discussed, and connecting our actions with what we eat is as well.  Clarity in life is difficult to find, and we’re all left with the big question, what’s this all for?  I don’t have the answer you want, but I can say the life you lead is up to you in many ways, but ignoring signs of change and impact can be a mistake.

Every tiny choice you make impacts the next, and of course domino effect kicks in.  Living life knowing that each choice made is invariably leading to death is realistic, but how pleasant is that reality?  I’m not saying pull an ostrich, but dwelling on unharmonious factoids about the demise of our existence is dreadful and unproductive.  Be aware, and move on, trying to make changes in whatever way you’re capable.

On food.  Remember, you don’t have to eat the way any person tells you to, but it’s okay to seek advice and counsel about what you consume, how it affects your body and where it comes from.  What’s most difficult about change at an adult age–in relationship to diet and moralistic choices in connection to other animals–is that we’re not all raised with the education necessary to comfort these quandries.  The learning curve and empathy factor is thrown off tremendously.  The how and where factor of what we consume is more important than most realize.    Moreover, eating is fantastic and can be very enjoyable, but there is a purpose for what we eat.  Understanding and respecting this connection can make the body that moves you through life healthier and ideally happier.


And remember…bite responsibly.


Healthy Regards,


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