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My name is Rachel Anne Manning, and I am the creator and author of Connect a Bite.

Connect a Bite has been a part of my life since 2012 and it has been splendid to have an outlet to construct a creative conversation around food and the vital role it plays in our daily lives. Topics vary from a podcast series I began called Cinema Cuisine to auteur inspired cooking videos, political criticisms, simplistic posts about tea obsessions and even clean refrigerators! Connect a Bite has been a tool for me to express my irrepressible joy of connecting food to the many facets of life be it plant-based diet, local/whole foods and farmers’ markets, alternative remedies, mindful behavior or holistic approaches to how we view food.

Why do I care so much about food?

Plainly, food omnipresence charms me in a way I can only explain over time in each post. What we eat connects us all on so many varying levels; I cannot help but be fascinated. The historical aspect of each comestible’s journey to my plate inspires me. Diet can change the way we feel, it can heal and it starts a conversation. Why wouldn’t you care about food?

What’s my story?

I like being alive because I have the gift and ability to share with others what it means to live a connected and aware life with food and the environment through my writing.  I feel that constantly reaching for an idealistic view of perfection is exhausting and futile.  Instead, I try to lead a life of education, observance, implementation and openness.   It is important for me to lead my life with little harm done to other beings, but I’ve come to understand that a cruelty-free life is next to impossible, so I reach for the next best thing. I have also realized that cruelty-free may seem romantic but it is also not always the healthiest choice for your body or the least impact filled environmental decision.  I have decided to no longer go by stringent labels about who I am, I’d like to think I’m just aware.  You may see me use the term ‘vegan’ from time-to-time in my posts. The usage of this term has a blanket meaning in my writing for animal-product free food, which is important to many.   If the word vegan makes you feel uncomfortable or stuffy, I completely understand.  All I ask is that you try to accept the way you feel and move forward.  I am of the opinion that what we all need a little more of today is forward, critical thinking and honest behavior.

I am regularly cultivating the passion I have in regards to gardening and nature.  I adore asking questions, making lists, cataloging, and I thrive off of other people’s positive energy. I’m a writer, ciniphile and generally an enigma.  I can’t even keep up with me! I could never go a day without preparing some type of meal, drinking a cup of tea, warm lemon water or a kombucha.  I actually enjoy shopping for food and home toiletries.  I buy 80+ percent of my produce locally.  I feel as though supporting your local vendors and businesses is crucial for a well-functioning future.  I would list my favorite anything, but I’m terrible at picking favorites because there is so much life has to offer!  I am an inspired, amateur chef who learns something new every time I prepare a meal.  I am co-gaurdian to the most eccentric cat, named Waits Spock Runner, and newest addition, sweet sprinkle, Petula Audrey Runer, and I find most animals presence calming and relaxing. regarding1


I plan to convey knowledge, inflection, and thoughtful insights into every post I write.  I welcome all readers’ feedback.

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