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Kitchen Letters #8: Packing Up the Kitchen

Good day movers and shakers,


24 July

The time grows nearer.  Yes, that’s right, MOVING time.  I seem to live a transient life, and in the evanescent days that remain in our current abode, there’s one area of the house I feel disquieted about boxing up, and that’s the kitchen.  Why?  Most people have a place in their home that’s their sanctuary, their refuge.  Sometimes, on the hottest days–and our current kitchen gets uncomfortably hot–the kitchen is still my retreat.

Dream scenario:

One day, I’ll have a generously sized kitchen, and among the other delightful additions, I’ll set up a projector so I can watch films whilst cooking or dreaming up recipes, and I’ll set up a dual use chopping block/writing station/tech area where I can write and stare out of a window at some charming landscape, drinking tea, petting my kitty–away from the food of course–and in intervals, play music on my nifty dual digital/radio player–because records in the kitchen would be too much.

Okay, now that you have a glimpse at one of my dream scenarios, I think I’ve adequately set the stage for you to empathize with my conundrum.  Packing up my kitchen is a total drag, but I too must face the clowns in the closet and begin the process.  I’ve decided to approach this in waves, so what you will see in this post is a few days worth of tackling the kitchen box up.


25 July

Yesterday, I came to terms with the soon to be containment of my kitchen, and saying goodbye to my incredible stove.  Today, I’ve decided to get organized.  I decided a list was my best route, as I like having a strategy in mind ahead of time, and lists help in maintaining order when things are in disarray.  After the refrigerator collapse and the much-needed overhaul that occurred, it has become apparent to me that this new kitchen journey shall be a approached with the mentality of ‘letting go’ and utilized as a meditative experience, not simply a mandatory one.  And so it goes.

Here’s the list I came up with.  Hopefully it will be of use for the next few days!

  • Take inventory of what you have [food, tea, coffee, alcohol, dry goods, canned goods, jars of bulk, books, appliances, decorative items, dishes, utensils]
  • As you move closer to your actual move date, minimize the amount of food-stuffs you have on hand as moving food can be problematic and stressful, especially if you’re in a hotter climate.
  • Decide what you’re okay living without and donate.  Make this a practice of simplifying.
  • Clean any item you are packing or re-arranging.
  • Label your jars! [Only if you’re into this sort of thing.]
  • Consolidate.  You may have multiple items stored in multiple areas, shift things around some.
  • Wrap all breakables securely.
  • Set aside the essentials & Prepare an ‘essentials’ box/bag
  • Pack least important to most important
  • Categorize and sort!
  • Label your boxes and tape securely
  • Collect packing materials:  boxes/bins, packing paper(don’t use paper with print or newspaper or you’ll have an inky mess), bubble wrap, markers, tape



28 July

I paced around some this weekend trying to decide if it was fully time to pack up the kitchen.  As predicted, I was fraught with an uneasy tiger on my back and I decided I would take this task on in doses.  Saturday’s kitchen adventure consisted of me packing up the books I have collected on our bakers rack that relate to food, natural healing, recipes, nutrition, etc…  It was a big step!  There were no books I was willing to part with, but I was pleasantly reunited with some books that had laid unopened, tucked away in a corner.

Note:  Books that are housed in your kitchen stand a higher chance of being covered not only in dust, but the strange aftermath of kitchen air.  I found I had to gently rub most of my books with a barely damp cloth to removed the strange coating that had built up on some of them.  Keep this in mind!

Although this past weekend was not nearly as productive on the kitchen-packing-front as I wanted it to be, I’m pleased I started with something small and approachable.



3 August

Saturday came and tackled the majority of my day, but folks, my kitchen is, for all intents and purposes, packed.  All that remains are those items that are of necessity until the actual move date and those items are minimal.  Saturday, was filled with ample breaks that involved kitty petting, and refreshing beverage sipping.  In the end, my kitchen plan was useful and I’m grateful for the forethought I had.  All I can say in finality, is be realistic about what works for you come moving day.  I couldn’t bear the idea of packing all my cooking utensils and supplies because they are utilized consistently, but if you’re the type of gal or guy who likes to rely on eating out, maybe just having everything snuggly packed away in boxes is the best route to take.  Either way, don’t wait until the last-minute.



I hope this kitchen packing journey helped give you all a few ideas how you can plan for your own move and perhaps come up with even better ideas.  What’s most important is to relax, stay refreshed and take it one step, or one day at a time.  And remember…bite responsibly!

Au revoir!