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Edible Inspiration: Week 31

The summer’s steamy sauna has come to an end, but it’s still sweat inducing weather out there.  Soon, meal preparations begin to change and daylight fades into sleepy sunsets.  Here are some photos that have inspired me lately.

  1.  As autumn has begun, meal-sized summer salads are coming to a close to make room for warming foods.


2)  Saying “au revoir” to this sweet watermelon.  Until next summer.


3) This temporary kitchen space and green beans!


4)  The Mr. and I took our first trip to West Texas earlier this week.  This cutie was growing in the yard on the side of our cabin.


5) This gnarly cactus, strong and decomposing, reminds me that life offers each of us phases and seasons.  It’s our mission to recognize those seasons and changes and to welcome them.


6) These honey daisies were everywhere, greeting us on our hiking path in West Texas.  Our meal after this hike was well deserved and tasted extra yummy.


Enjoy this second weekend of October and let me know what’s going on in your world of food.  Check out previous Edible Inspiration posts and share some of your own #edibleinspiration when you can!

Healthy Regards,


Edible Inspiration: Week 30

As some of you may have noticed, my website was down for a bit, but now I’m up and running with a new, temporary look, and a brand new look to come in the new year!  Here are a few pics, take a peek.

1)  The crape myrtle (Lagerstroemia) blooms are everywhere with their inflorescence.


2)  This hook.  It helps keep this lovely wooden cleaning brush in its place.


3)  Happy sign in our kitchen corner.


4)  The texture of this quinoa.


5)  When you have a lot of hair and your cooking, tuck it out of the way, nobody likes long hairs in their food. :(  Try a messy chignon! :)  (Mine is especially messy, but you get the point.)


I hope you all have had a wonderful week and a fun weekend!  Let me know if you have any suggestions for blog topics and what you’ve been up to in relation to food.  And remember…bite responsibly!

Healthy Regards,



Edible Inspiration: Week 29

Some of the things that made my week in saturated color. Check it out!

1)On my last liquid-only day, I enjoyed this green pineapple smoothie.


2)These spices helped make a delicious Baingan Bharta dish that turned out quite toothsome.


3)  Cutting up carrots to steam and mash.  Tasty taste.


4)Grateful for this ginger knob this week.  I’m in love with ginger (nothing new there. :p)


5)A beautiful walking path to catch some D.


The wind has picked up and the sun is shinning more regularly with less breaks in the clouds for rain.  Take a walk in the sunshine!  Share some of your #edibleinspiration pics with me and check out more Edible Inspiration.  Sending you all happy, healthy vibes for the weekend, and remember…bite responsibly!

Healthy Regards,


Edible Inspiration: Week 28

Not my tip-top today, but here’s a look back at my week.

1)  These scrumptious Belgian waffles (gluten free and animal product free) made by the Mr.  It was a crunchy swan song–as some of you know I won’t be eating solids for a while.  These tasties were covered in crunchy peanut butter.

eiwk28_12)  Organic cherries…thank you summer, thank you farmers.

eiwk28_23) A cozy resting spot for the next few days.

eiwk28_34)  Homemade libations from a friend.

eiwk28_45)  My trusty blender; things couldn’t get any smoother or liquified.

eiwk28_56)  Watermelon smoothies are delightful.


Okay, time to get some more rest, it is healing time.  Share some of your #edibleinspiration pics with me and check out more Edible Inspiration.  Have a lovely weekend everyone and remember…bite responsibly!

Healthy Regards,


Edible Inspiration: Week 26

This week’s photos to take a peak at.

1)  These delicate pink flowers all around on foraging walks.


2)  I’m still in love with this bag with design by one of my favorite illustrators and graphic novelists, Rutu Modan.


3)  Strawberries make their appearance.


4)  Preparing pizzas for a friendly dinner.


5)  This sweet nugget to gaze upon after weekend meal-prep.


I hope you enjoy this week’s Edible Inspiration and please share some of your #edibleinspiration photos with me.  And remember…bite responsibly!


Healthy Regards,


Edible Inspiration: Week 25

A peek into days passed.

1)  This little squirrel hanging out. I think I scared him, he was very still for a while.


2)  Rinsing carrots. Nom!


3)  These Spring blooms didn’t last long in our backyard, but I was happy for them while they lasted.


4)  A sweet treat in pink.  It’s always nice to support our local bakers.


I hope you enjoy your weekend and share some of your Edible Inspiration pics with me #edibleinspiration when you can.  And remember…bite responsibly!

Healthy Regards,



Edible Inspiration: Week 24

Images to explore from the week.

1)  Nature confetti.


2)  Peeling beets, stained fingers and food prep.


3)  This happened.  And yes, they were gluten-free, vegan, and soy-free.  And no, I didn’t eat them all. :p


4) The copious amount of green onions we’ve had are slowing down, but these beauties made their way into some tacos.


5)  First batch of homemade tortillas for the year! Best batch yet.


Thanks for taking the time to look over this week’s Edible Inspiration.  I can’t wait so see some of your pics. #edibleinspiration  And remember…bite responsibly!

Healthy Regards,


Edible Inspiration: Week 23

Happy Vernal Equinox to all! I’m a shutterbug more than ever with the changing season.

1)  Cheating a little, here’s a photo from Pi Day.  I enjoyed blueberry pie with some delightful vanilla rooibos tea.  The roundest thing in this pic is my iron tea-pot!


2)  Shadows, splatters and afternoon walks.


3)  This violet mountain laurel, commonly known as the Texas mountain laurel, is nestled by a bee.  Did you know that despite their sweet fragrance, mountain laurels are incredibly toxic to most mammals, but not this bee? They’re blooming all over now in this part of the world, so keep your nose out and eyes open and you may see lovely bundles of flowers, merry bees, and the scent of grape soda.


4)  A tea blend filled with cardamom is okay by me.


5)  These lentils hit the spot.


6)  Iris in white, blooming all over.



By Edna St. Vincent Millay

To what purpose, April, do you return again?
Beauty is not enough.
You can no longer quiet me with the redness
Of little leaves opening stickily.
I know what I know.
The sun is hot on my neck as I observe
The spikes of the crocus.
The smell of the earth is good.
It is apparent that there is no death.
But what does that signify?
Not only under ground are the brains of men
Eaten by maggots.
An empty cup, a flight of uncarpeted stairs.
It is not enough that yearly, down this hill,
Comes like an idiot, babbling and strewing flowers.
A poet I regard, a poem to contemplate and pour yourself over.  And remember..bite responsibly!
Healthy Regards,

Edible Inspiration: Week 22

Texas weather is the strangest, especially if you’re central.  Here a few comforting images from the week.

1)  This baked sweet potato was loaded up with Kalamata olives, cilantro, grape tomatoes, green onion and avocado. Yummy!


2)  Using these essential oils from this conscious company in my new essential oil diffuser helped to create a relaxing environment.  Lavender and Sweet Orange took the spotlight this week.


3)  Can you tell what this is?  It smells better than it tastes and makes for wicked liquid design.


4)  Trying to save our flowers from the freeze. Waits keeps them company.


5)  Creamy cup of hot chocolate never hurt a gal.


Share some of your Edible Inspiration pics with me here #edibleinspiration and have a lovely weekend.  And remember…bite responsibly!

Healthy Regards,


Edible Inspiration: Week 20

Many lovely images from the week, here are some.

1)  Sunrise ripples on an early morning drive.  My smoothie tasted extra yummy on this particular day.


2)  Dried flowers, hung by my sister-in-law, near the kitchen .


3)  A glimpse into my grandmother’s (mama) magical home.  This fruit lamp has been in the same spot since I was a wee tot.  I love it.


4)  Produce collection. The garlic is sprouting!


5)  Our kitchen window mice.  They have been with me for years.

eiwk20_5Have a wonderful Friday and let me see some of your #edibleinspiration pics!  Check out old posts, here.  And remember…bite responsibly!

Healthy Regards,