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Edible Inspiration: Week 18

Less phlegm, a sunny day, and brisk morning jogs makes me happy to share some images from the week.

1)  Skillet happiness, right here.


2)  I used this incredible gift from my mother-in-law to make a scrumptious wild rice and mushroom pilaf.


3)This lacinato kale has been spun.


4)  These spicy flakes help to spruce up our meal.


5)  A tablecloth made by a friend to adorn our table.


I’m looking forward to seeing your Edible Inspiration photos #edibleinspiration

Healthy Regards,


Edible Inspiration: Week 17

Happy new year everyone! Some photos from the weeks that have passed since I last posted all the way up to present day.

1)  I forced bulbs for the first time this winter.  I chose paperwhites, and though they were stunning in appearance, their odor was uncomfortably stunning.  I know my husband was happy to see these delicate little flowers finally wilt.  This was a fun project and a way for me to connect more to another season in the midst of our Texas winter.


2)  Roasted delicata squash.  One of my favorite squashes of the season for its buttery and savory flavor.


3)  Rice noodle miso soup with extra garlic, on a cold day, does the trick.


4)  2015 celebratory champagne from these sexy glasses, which were given to me by my incredible mama (maw-maw).


5)  The Mr. in action, charring some onion for a pho that he made.  Results, incredible!


6)  Our furriest in an IKEA doll bed that was given to us by a friend and colleague.  Doesn’t he look snug?


Let me see more of your Edible Inspiration pics at the start of this year under the hashtag #edibleinspiration and remember…bite responsibly!

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Edible Inspiration: Week 16

Some snapshots from the week.

1)  The Mr. brews beer.  This is him pouring in the liquid malt extract, which is the sugar that feeds the yeast.


2)  Almond green curry swirls in coconut milk.


3)  100% buckwheat noodles take a plunge.  Careful, don’t over cook.


4)  Happy to bust out what’s left of my beautiful holiday dishes–given to me by my mama (maw-maw)–and plate this yummy curry.


5)  ‘Tis the season for this noble fir, coming humbly to us from the northwest.  “Thank you” to the trees for providing us with oxygen.


6)  How many rings do you count?  Our special one shows its age.


Share some of your edible inspiration pics with me, under #edibleinspiration

Edible Inspiration: Week 15

Hi happy gormandizers,

This week, for many, has been a time of extra food prep and extended time with the ones you love.  I hope it’s a joy!

1) Twinkle lights make for a calming, mood-lit room at our abode.


2)  Pot of veggies for a gluten-free pot pie we enjoyed.


3)  Candied pecans, Rachel style. :p


4)  The best bananas are the spotted ones!


5)  This lovely garland, created by a friend, adorns our refrigerator with correspondence. Very sweet.


I hope it’s a lovely weekend for you all.  I’m looking forward to your #edibleinspiration pics! Here are past Edible Inspirations .

Healthy Regards,


Edible Inspiration: Week 14

Good morning all,

This week has been a splendid exploration.  I’m especially pleased to share photos with you all this week!

1)  On a walk about in our neighborhood, I came across these delicate flowers.  The leaves remind me of rosemary.


2)  Baked some scrumptious gluten-free chocolate chip cookies with a friend, and we used a stone! Recipe to come. :)


3)  Coconut oil solidifies on our cast iron in this cool weather.  The appearance reminds of cellular structures.


4)  Crispy millet veggies patties.  MMMmmm!


5)  These acacia wood salt and pepper grinders.


6)  Bonus, finding this purr-box before slumber.

eiwk14_6I’m looking forward to seeing your edible inspiration pics.  #edibleinspiration  And remember…bite responsibly!

Healthy Regards,


Edible Inspiration: Week 13

Take a peek or a gaze if you please.

1)  Magnetic hooks to hang your aprons on.


2)  Handfuls of parsley takes a swim!


3)  Happy skillet full of colors.  A  mirepoix that later turned into a millet pilaf to stuff some tender acorn squash.


4)  Waits contemplations.  He chooses more elevated spots for daydreaming as the chill sets in.


5)  Leftover soup.  Recipe to come very soon!


Fill your weekend with early morning walks in the cool weather, candles in the evening and hot dishes to warm you up.  Let me see some of your edible inspiration pics #edibleinspiration !  And remember…bite responsibly!

Healthy Regards,


Edible Inspiration: Week 10

You are everybody! [unabashed LOST reference]

Admittedly, the photos this week are not entirely tied into food, but I can guarantee you that I probably ate something, was dreaming of something food related, prepared something or shortly there after I started taking one of these photos. In fact, expect a Kitchen Letters post very soon.

1)Frosted window provides for a magical leafy vine.


2)  Kitty feet.  [the hair BETWEEN his toes ^______^]


3)Fortunate to have these dainty blooms to look at in our front yard at this time of year.


4)  Take a closer look, and you just might find eensy flowers at your feet.


5)  Uh, oh!  Nature has made it’s way inside.


Have a lovely weekend, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for Kitchen Letters coming up.  Here’s some from the past.

Kitchen Letters

Post some of your edible inspiration pics under the hashtag #edibleinspiration ; I’m looking forward to seeing them!

And don’t forget…bite responsibly!

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Edible Inspiration: Week 9

Hello people,

A trip out-of-town refreshed my perspective.  Take a peek.

1)Sunrise best seen through a rapidly moving vehicle.


2)  This mollusk was grass bound and on the go.  I like his antennae.


3)  Delicate and light sweet potato greens.


4)  Harmonizing tea.


5)  Floral arrangement makes for a happy eating table.


Be well and don’t forget to share your edible inspiration pics under the hashtag #edibleinspiration !

Healthy Regards,



Edible Inspiration: Week 8

Good morning everyone,

1)  The rain came.  This trumpet creeper (campsis radicans) is sneaking in our backyard from our neighbor’s beautiful landscaping, and I can’t complain.  After prepping food in the kitchen Sunday, I decided to take a break and venture outside for a bit.  I’m pleased I did.


2)  I think the days of basil are soon to come to an end, but I’ve taken full advantage of this year’s crops.  This basil topped some lightly fluffed rainbow quinoa.


3)  Trumpet flowers coming through, with their extended stamen, had me enamored once again.  However, in focusing on this hidden floral surprise, I discovered some fruit on a tree extending into our yard from our neighbors yard along a shared fence.  Does anyone know what it is? They are about the size of two large grapes put together.


4)  Early Autumn welcome dish.  The Mr. made a delicious apple crisp bake.  The cinnamon aroma wafting throughout our home-made this dish worth while even before we tasted it.


5)  Rainy night comfort food.


Spend some time outside this weekend dancing in the rain or whatever weather is marking your neighborhood.  Let’s see those edible inspirations under the hashtag #edibleinspiration



Edible Inspiration: Week 5

Good morning people of the world,

1)  We plucked peaches directly from the tree; what a charming and ever-humbling experience.


2)  Crisp green apples, mother-in-law truly treated us!


3) This big guy also enjoyed the fruit of the trees.  [I think it is a Green June Beetle.]


4)These drooping, bundled wisteria blooms in my grandmother’s–mama (mawmaw)–backyard were resplendent and wafted the most irresistible fragrance.  The wisteria that line the fence and lattice-like archway in her yard have been there for years and hold a very special place in my grandmother’s heart.  I hope to transplant a part for myself very soon!



5)Okra pieces ready to be baked.  I just can’t get enough!


I anticipate a fun, productive and challenging weekend ahead, can’t wait!  Excited to see your images under the hashtag #edibleinspiration .  And remember…bite responsibly!