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Edible Inspiration: Week 20

Many lovely images from the week, here are some.

1)  Sunrise ripples on an early morning drive.  My smoothie tasted extra yummy on this particular day.


2)  Dried flowers, hung by my sister-in-law, near the kitchen .


3)  A glimpse into my grandmother’s (mama) magical home.  This fruit lamp has been in the same spot since I was a wee tot.  I love it.


4)  Produce collection. The garlic is sprouting!


5)  Our kitchen window mice.  They have been with me for years.

eiwk20_5Have a wonderful Friday and let me see some of your #edibleinspiration pics!  Check out old posts, here.  And remember…bite responsibly!

Healthy Regards,


Edible Inspiration: Week 3

Ahoy ahoy,

A week of finality in one location and obscurity to come.  Let’s do this!

1)  This apple slicer makes me happy and makes a beautiful apple flower upon usage.


2)  Final days of the view from this kitchen window.


3)My kitchen quatredent! (I did indeed make up this word.)


4)  Bringing oxygen in makes for a happy house.


5)This lil’ muffin makes everything sweeter.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend.  I’m posting earlier this week as moving awaits.  Don’t forget to post your edible inspiration pics under the hashtag #edibleinspiration And remember…bite responsibly!