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Kitchen Letters #8: Packing Up the Kitchen

Good day movers and shakers,


24 July

The time grows nearer.  Yes, that’s right, MOVING time.  I seem to live a transient life, and in the evanescent days that remain in our current abode, there’s one area of the house I feel disquieted about boxing up, and that’s the kitchen.  Why?  Most people have a place in their home that’s their sanctuary, their refuge.  Sometimes, on the hottest days–and our current kitchen gets uncomfortably hot–the kitchen is still my retreat.

Dream scenario:

One day, I’ll have a generously sized kitchen, and among the other delightful additions, I’ll set up a projector so I can watch films whilst cooking or dreaming up recipes, and I’ll set up a dual use chopping block/writing station/tech area where I can write and stare out of a window at some charming landscape, drinking tea, petting my kitty–away from the food of course–and in intervals, play music on my nifty dual digital/radio player–because records in the kitchen would be too much.

Okay, now that you have a glimpse at one of my dream scenarios, I think I’ve adequately set the stage for you to empathize with my conundrum.  Packing up my kitchen is a total drag, but I too must face the clowns in the closet and begin the process.  I’ve decided to approach this in waves, so what you will see in this post is a few days worth of tackling the kitchen box up.


25 July

Yesterday, I came to terms with the soon to be containment of my kitchen, and saying goodbye to my incredible stove.  Today, I’ve decided to get organized.  I decided a list was my best route, as I like having a strategy in mind ahead of time, and lists help in maintaining order when things are in disarray.  After the refrigerator collapse and the much-needed overhaul that occurred, it has become apparent to me that this new kitchen journey shall be a approached with the mentality of ‘letting go’ and utilized as a meditative experience, not simply a mandatory one.  And so it goes.

Here’s the list I came up with.  Hopefully it will be of use for the next few days!

  • Take inventory of what you have [food, tea, coffee, alcohol, dry goods, canned goods, jars of bulk, books, appliances, decorative items, dishes, utensils]
  • As you move closer to your actual move date, minimize the amount of food-stuffs you have on hand as moving food can be problematic and stressful, especially if you’re in a hotter climate.
  • Decide what you’re okay living without and donate.  Make this a practice of simplifying.
  • Clean any item you are packing or re-arranging.
  • Label your jars! [Only if you’re into this sort of thing.]
  • Consolidate.  You may have multiple items stored in multiple areas, shift things around some.
  • Wrap all breakables securely.
  • Set aside the essentials & Prepare an ‘essentials’ box/bag
  • Pack least important to most important
  • Categorize and sort!
  • Label your boxes and tape securely
  • Collect packing materials:  boxes/bins, packing paper(don’t use paper with print or newspaper or you’ll have an inky mess), bubble wrap, markers, tape



28 July

I paced around some this weekend trying to decide if it was fully time to pack up the kitchen.  As predicted, I was fraught with an uneasy tiger on my back and I decided I would take this task on in doses.  Saturday’s kitchen adventure consisted of me packing up the books I have collected on our bakers rack that relate to food, natural healing, recipes, nutrition, etc…  It was a big step!  There were no books I was willing to part with, but I was pleasantly reunited with some books that had laid unopened, tucked away in a corner.

Note:  Books that are housed in your kitchen stand a higher chance of being covered not only in dust, but the strange aftermath of kitchen air.  I found I had to gently rub most of my books with a barely damp cloth to removed the strange coating that had built up on some of them.  Keep this in mind!

Although this past weekend was not nearly as productive on the kitchen-packing-front as I wanted it to be, I’m pleased I started with something small and approachable.



3 August

Saturday came and tackled the majority of my day, but folks, my kitchen is, for all intents and purposes, packed.  All that remains are those items that are of necessity until the actual move date and those items are minimal.  Saturday, was filled with ample breaks that involved kitty petting, and refreshing beverage sipping.  In the end, my kitchen plan was useful and I’m grateful for the forethought I had.  All I can say in finality, is be realistic about what works for you come moving day.  I couldn’t bear the idea of packing all my cooking utensils and supplies because they are utilized consistently, but if you’re the type of gal or guy who likes to rely on eating out, maybe just having everything snuggly packed away in boxes is the best route to take.  Either way, don’t wait until the last-minute.



I hope this kitchen packing journey helped give you all a few ideas how you can plan for your own move and perhaps come up with even better ideas.  What’s most important is to relax, stay refreshed and take it one step, or one day at a time.  And remember…bite responsibly!

Au revoir!



A lovely walk to begin Autumn.

A lovely walk to begin Autumn.

Hello Everyone,

There I was, sipping on some hot peppermint tea to offset the cold, drippy day in Texas we all were experiencing, that is quite beautiful in many ways.  What follows are some of my thoughts.

In my mind, there is a still, calm that comes with the darkening of days that makes me feel nestled in nature more than any other time of the year.  I heard someone state on a classical radio station I listen to, that this weather is beautiful to her because we can really see the sheen and color of the newly turned leaves due to the grey sky.  As soon as I heard this, I grinned.  There is something special about being able to see creation or the potential for something wonderful amongst what could easily be considered drab, useless and ugly.


My next thought was of a new friendship, but more importantly a comment made by my new friend.  She said–and I paraphrase–‘This is just another season of your life, Rachel, and you have to allow the season to come full circle, naturally.  Like any season, it too will pass.”  I have not been able to forget this simple thought ever since she made it.  What a brilliant way to think of the transgressions in our life, be it big life choices, hardships or good fortune.  She has helped to change my perspective on the idea of infinity and how it can become debilitating and growth stunting, but a better way to look at things is in passes.  Falling leaves that must make their way down on their own at the right time, during the right season.


What is more, the word harvest sprung to my mind.  Harvest has many meanings, however a couple stand out in my mind.  There is the idea of collecting of crops ripe enough to eat, this act being called harvest, and then the result of some action we take in our life.  As in, after writing on this site all year, I have an ample harvest of posts.  Why do I mention this?  When I think of the harvest of my life in 2013 I am able to come to realizations about what outcome or take-away I have for this year.  As it is Autumn, a time of rest and hibernation beginnings, my mind tends to drift into a still state, which allows me the fortunate ability to focus.

Houndstooth, Hi-tops and chords

Houndstooth, Hi-tops and chords

Our biggest life accomplishment–bigger than winning prizes, opening up businesses of our dreams, writing the next great novel or non-fiction piece, formal education of all kinds–is our body.  Our life has seasons, as does nature, and we have the gift of being conscious of these seasons and their beauty, but also the curse of being able to ignore such beauty.  Most of us spend our life hoping our life doesn’t result in a doggerel, and we forget that our body is the pith of our life.

I often forget that within these seasons, whether good or bad, I have the gift of my body and how I choose to use it, how I choose to nourish it, and I am in charge of this harvest more than all others.

What we eat, how we choose to go about getting the food we eat, the reasons and thought behind every bite we take, the community we share when enjoying our meals or the solitude we embrace in packaged food, all tattoos itself into our harvest.

SO, how can we all produce a better harvest from our body, our life?  I have a few thoughts, check it out!

  • Each month, take the time to figure out where at least one of the foods you eat regularly, comes from.  Do a little research.  Figure out where the specific item came from, be it local or farther away.  Figure out the process of how it was made, packaged, shipped, grown.  Discover its origin story and think about how it became a staple in your diet.  Then, ask yourself why you like eating it, what good–if any–it is doing for your body?  Then, at the end of this exercise, if you’re still content with the comestible, take the time to send a note to the manufacturer, farmer, company, individual who grew/made/shipped/packaged/created it.  Rest knowing you took the time and that is what counts.
  • Grow something and write about it.  Choose one fruit, vegetable, herb or spice to grow this coming year.  Get a head start now and talk with your local nursery or if you are a solo project kind of person, seek out your favorite online videos, articles, blogs and books.  Grow just one edible item from seed to full form and keep a simple diary about the process.  This doesn’t need to be anything too detailed or verbose, just simply the date and a sentence or two on the progress of the plant and your thoughts on being a part of the growing process.  If the plant is perennial, something like tarragon, you could document for just a short while or write about your experience with the growth for the years you are able to keep the plant alive, but if the plant is annual, try to understand the necessity of the plants peak moment and appreciate it while it is there.  This exercise could help with truly following through with growth and understanding the process of growth before consumption.  If you go wild and grow a lot of plants, pass one on to a friend or loved-one.  Spread your bounty!
  • Visit a farm.  At least once within the next year–you could get a head start this December–take a trip to a farm in your city or in a surrounding city.  If you’re feeling up to it, get out in the fields and help them harvest some of their crops, or take some photographs.  Chat with them about the different produce items that pop up each season and try to familiarize yourself with those.
  • Cut out or minimize at least one toxic thing from your diet this coming year and replace it with something yummy and nourishing.  Pay attention to how you feel.
  • Lessen your animal consumption.
  • Create at least one original recipe a month that includes a rainbow of colors and doesn’t include dairy or animal flesh.
  • Drink water and plenty of it.

Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit.  -Henry David Thoreau


This list is not exhaustive, but certainly a start.  I know that it is easy to lose perspective on life–our body–with the myriad of things we have going on, but the goal is to help alter our mind so that we can start considering our body more, first.  These seasons, they are all influenced by how we perceive, how we feel and how our feelings either hinder or facilitate both good and bad for us.  If we’re to give thanks for anything, make it for the harvest of our life and all that nourishes the environment and our bodies.  I hope this list is helpful, and as you snuggle into your fall and winter weather, I would love to hear from you about actions we could all take to bring more  meaning to what we’re eating and create a better harvest of our life.  Let me know your thoughts below or send me an email.  I can’t wait to hear from you, and remember…bite responsibly!

Healthy Regards,



A colleague helped in the discovery of this gem!  A random share. :D

A colleague helped in the discovery of this gem! A random share. :D

What My Eyes See

Good Day Everyone,

As is often the case in my life, visuals help to balance my life out and there are no exceptions in regards to my relationship with food.  What follows are some images and gifs in the food sphere that I find especially engaging.

gifsoffoodandfilm tumblr

cinematocat tumblr

foodinfilm tumblr

cinematocat tumblr

gifsoffoodinfilm tumblr

cinematocat tumblr

cinematocat tumblr

cinematocat tumblr





mememolly tumblr

mememolly tumblr







giant-peaches-postcardI’ll leave this as the final image, as I love peaches and it’s been a summer of peaches for me!  Share some of your favorite food related images with me!

Remember…bite responsibly!

Healthy Regards,



As of Late

Good Day All,

Today I just wanted to touch base and send some positive energy out there to everyone.  I know my posts have been very concentrated and less abstract lately, but in my organization I am trying to find a way to mirror all the thoughts I have lately on food, while finding the proper amount of time and energy to shape those thoughts into blog posts.

As I’m sure some of you have noticed I’m dabbling a little more in the media aspect of my blog by trying out the podcast world and creating videos.  It has been both a fun process and a major learning experience for me.  My love has been the best support system and innovative driver.  Additionally, I’ve created a Connect a Bite Instagram that some of you already know about where I showcase little life happenings and the world of food I find myself a part of daily.  A new more fresh looking site is in the works too!

Everyday I feel like I get a little closer to what it means for me to feel more connected to the food world and the true meaning of human rights in that world, and I kid you not when I say time is such a gift.  More than this, the way in which we utilize our time is what matters most.  I’m getting closer everyday to narrowing down my health concerns and in my bodily enlightenment I’m gaining a more positive perspective on my own consumption habits and how to encourage others.  All of this has been unadulterated motivation for me to reach out more to all of you and speak up about the topics and variations of foodstuffs I find interest in.  As time doesn’t seem to permit me being a prolific blogger, I would like to manage more posts that you all find of interest.

Some days this is my life:

(Note:  Also, this film is a favorite.)

Questions I have for you all!

  • How can I be of more assistance to all of you?
  • What would you like to see from me as a writer and creative force?
  • What are my strengths and how can I improve?
  • What are some topics you’d like to hear more about?
  • Would you like more recipes, more podcasts, more videos?
  • Would you prefer variation in the podcast focus?
  • Do you think you’d enjoy watching more conversational videos or abstract videos?
  • What other thoughts do you have?

Today feels like a wonderful opportunity to share a video a friend and fellow Connect a Bite follower shared with me and I thought all of you would appreciate it.  Thanks for the share, I always love stuff like this, send more my way!

Please enjoy Hurra Torpedo, a Norwegian band who performs mostly on kitchen appliances!  Check eeeet….


And more than ever, young Martha Payne remains such an inspiration for me.  Check her out:

Never Seconds

Be well everyone and remember…bite responsibly!


Healthy Regards,


gifs courtesy of russelsbaze

Podcast # 2: Cinema Cuisine: Italy – L’eclisse

Japanese B2 poster L'eclisse 1962

Hello All,

I’m very pleased to say that podcast #2 has happened!  That’s right, if you weren’t absolutely titillated after the first one then this one might help to get you more in the mood for a delicate intermixing of film and food.  Foreign Film Sunday (ffs), also known as Cinema Cuisine, has morphed into the type of occasion that can fall on whatever day is most forgiving with time and the day that allows for the most edits and polishing to occur.  Thanks for your patience in the transitioning.  I hope you enjoyed my introductory post with all of the recipes and my first ever FOOD RELATED VIDEO!!!  Please let me know what you think, and again, much gratitude and thanks to my sweet and talented love for all of his help and creativity.

Podcast HERE–> Cinema Cuisine Ep.2 – Italia

Some notes on Italian food culture:

  • Most beverages are typically enjoyed at room temperature as the Italians feel–and is often proven–this aids digestion. (Personally, I prefer all my drinks at room temperature. My love found this to be a bit more challenging.)
  • Multiple course meals are often followed up with coffee or espresso (Italian press was enjoyed with breakfast and after).
  • As simplicity and full flavor is often the goal in an authentic Italian meal, unless a strong sauce is being prepared–battuto, the starter to a dish wherein aromatics are used:  onions, carrots, celery, parsley, garlic, finely chopped–either onion or garlic are chosen for a dish, not both  (I tried to stick to this principle).
  • Creamy, garlic white sauces are often used on pizza and pasta dishes over red sauces. (I had so much fun creating this sauce).
  • Local, and seasonal produce is important when creating a meal (one of the most exciting aspects, for me).
  • Salad is a side dish, rarely a starter to a meal.
  • Typically each dish is served on a different plate. (We did not follow this tradition, as we would have been cleaning dishes until next year).
  • Primo (starter, rice or pasta), secondo (main course), contorno (side dish). (We enjoyed each of the dishes I prepared all at once rather than in stages with the exception of breakfast).
  • Breakfast is typically eaten around 11 and dinner is also enjoyed much later in the day (8 p.m.). (We ate earlier in the day).





This quote is still haunting me:

“Vittoria: Why do we ask so many questions? Two people shouldn’t know each other too well if they want to fall in love. But, then, maybe they shouldn’t fall in love at all.”

Somehow, I was entirely beguiled by the main protagonist, who spoke this line. It has resonated with me ever since.  As someone who has the tendency to look at the world with a relatively cynical view, I cannot question the love and devotion I have to my special someone. However, it does occur to me that before him, there were years of questioning and an incredulous nature that was hard to tame for awhile.  This film helped align my thoughts to the concept that those feelings or perceptions in our life that are left without sufficient closure on finality, leave us feeling as though we’re in a stagnant state of disbelief.  Vittoria seemed like this type of character to me.  Underlying naivety coupled with insecurity.    Perhaps that is why this quote sticks.  There’s discussion of institutions in the podcast, but something we–Matthew and I–neglected to remark on, is the more obvious fact that the film itself was displaying the institution of marriage of hearts to one another forever, and the credibility or likelihood of this happening with comfort and ease for everyone.  Moral concepts, we as humans, try to tattoo onto our culture and place precedence on, lose meaning when we–consequently–desecrate and participate in such institutions without a willing and bending heart.  Again, I speak to the idea of absolutes and their danger.  (See commentary in previous podcasts.)

What is more, our instinct for detachment in some aspects of our lives and–on an outside food related note–our detachment from our food and where it comes from is forgotten and ignored.  In turn, our general lethargy with consumption and the creativity that is necessary in the growth and preparation of all worlds of food is stunted.  Incidentally, the media doesn’t allow much room for empathy and seeing outside of ourselves to appreciate things.  What I mean to say is, our empathetic instincts are being muted because of societal entrenchment into technology and “moving forward”, rather than stopping to appreciate the present.  This is where we’re all flawed; our negligence to stand still and take in the beauty of our world whilst living in it.


I hope this podcast helped stitch you in a little closer to the food world and it’s connection to another artistic medium.  Let me know you’re thoughts and critiques below.  And remember…bite responsibly!

Healthy Regards,


-featured gifs/jpg:  courtesy gelsominas, unpetitgateau, missavagardner

Cinema Cuisine: Italy – L’eclisse [1st Video]



Hello Everyone,

My experience with preparing and cooking the assorted dishes for Cinema Cuisine, Italy, was that much more care, devotion, patience and love had to go into each dish.  What do I mean?  Oftentimes in the kitchen, as much as possible, I try to be efficient and quick in my approach to making a meal.  I embrace delicate measures when necessary, but otherwise, I’m multitasking and moving from one dish to the next, incorporating one spice or ingredient after the next. After much sweat and heart, the meal is complete.  Shortly after, I either feel one of two things: a strong sense of accomplishment and elation or a mild sense of disappointment and anxiety.   These feelings are common because I’m either pleased with my creations or I’m displeased with–by my standards–an unsatisfactory outcome.  Either way, I’m able to enjoy my creations with a loved one and, being the critic that I am, dissect the many facets of the meal.  With this in mind, for my Italian meal I allowed self and outside critique, but I channeled a level of love into the process of making the dishes that I rarely do.  It was one of my most enjoyable cooking experiences yet.

Before the big meal, my love and I knew we needed to begin the process of making the homemade pasta for a few reasons, but mostly because we had never used a pasta maker before.  For the winter holiday of 2012, we received an authentic, Italian press (with some extra attachments) and a bamboo wooden drying rack for the pasta.  Up until the end of June, we had yet to crack open the box, and this lack of attention to this thoughtful pasta making gift set in motion my idea of choosing Italy as our next film and cuisine exploration.

Below you’ll find many recipes and my FIRST VIDEO that you too could incorporate into a day or days of Italian themed dishes.  Most of them are my own creations and ideas, but some are inspired by wonderful chefs I’ve discovered.  I hope you enjoy every bite and appreciate the process of making this meal or meals as much as I did.  What is more, as the Italians do, enjoy this meal with a group of people and even encourage a potluck. Making all of these delicious recipes and more could turn into an all day affair.  For me, there’s nothing more rewarding and satisfying.

A quick note on L’eclisse.  Why–before the viewing of this film–I had yet to see an Antonioni film, escapes me, but I can say these dishes couple consummately as their simplicity matches the contemplative and confident manner of this movie.  Please, enjoy every bite and every frame.

Keep a look out for our podcast where you’ll hear much more depth into L’eclisse. I’ll post it in a few days!  Please let me know what you think of the recipes and the tweaks you made to your own creations.  And remember…bite responsibly!



Raw Cacao, Avocado Pudding/Spread w/ Apple slices & Italian Press Coffee


  • 2 ripe medium avocados
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 to 3 tbsp unsweetened almond (or coconut) milk to taste
  • 1 to 2 tbsp pure maple syrup to taste
  • 1 or 2 drops of liquid stevia to taste (slightly more liberal w/ powder version)
  • 6 tbsp raw cacao
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 large apple of your choice (pear)
  • fresh coffee beans
  • coffee press
  • water



For Pudding/Spread

  1. Slice the avocado lengthwise to break past the outter skin barrier, remove the pit and spoon out contents into high powered blender/food processor
  2. Add vanilla, maple syrup, raw cacao, cinnamon and the first tbsp of almond milk
  3. Blend until a smooth, creamy texture is reached (note:  Add remaining tbsp of milk if mixture is too dry. Additionally if not sweet enough, add in stevia–take care to not add too much initially as excessive amounts could make the pudding/spread too bitter.)
  4. Slice apple with skin on and enjoy it with liberal amounts of this delicious pudding

For Coffee Press

  1. Coarsely grind two tbsp of coffee for ever 6 oz of water
  2. Begin to heat water, don’t boil
  3. Place ground coffee beans at the bottom of your press
  4. Pour VERY hot water (not boiling) over beans and immediately cover with coffee press lid, but do NOT press down filtration piece yet; let sit for 3-5 minutes
  5. Press down filtration press piece and pour into your favorite mug
  6. ENJOY!



This dish could also be made with soft and soaked medjool dates (6 to 8). I happened to not have any on hand. Raisins would also be a nice substitute.

Also, Italians often enjoy their chocolate spread with bread or toast.

For a more dense protein treat, add some pre-soaked raw pecans (you’ll get a flavor closer to Nutella but without the hazlenuts).

Should store, refrigerated for up to two days.  After two days I’d smell it/taste it.


Flavorful and full-bodied coffee beans from


Italian Summer Salad

INGREDIENTS (serves 4 large portions or 6 smaller portions)

  • 1 head romaine lettuce (chopped)
  • 1/2 large cucumber (sliced thinly into half moons)
  • colorful sweet peppers of your choices (I chose:  1 purple, 1 red, 1 green, 1 banana; thinly sliced rings)


  • 3 garlic cloves
  • 3/4 cup water
  • 3/4 cup olive oil
  • 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 1/4 cup red wine vinegar (if you’re watching alkalinity, nix this and add an extra 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar)
  • salt to taste
  • course, freshly ground pepper
  • pinch of red pepper flakes
  • 1 tbsp & 1 tsp dried Italian herb mixture (my mixture is:  thyme, basil, oregano, parsley, rosemary, marjoram; if you have fresh herbs available, curve the amount; also, the dressing cannot be kept as long)



For Salad

  1. After cleaning, chopping and drying lettuce, place it in a large bowl
  2. Add pepper rings and cucumber slices
  3. Toss with clean hands until vegetables are all mixed

For Dressing

  1. Pour liquids into a jar and then add remainder of ingredients
  2. Place lid on the top of jar and shake until mixture combines
  3. Before mixture separates, conservatively pour over salad
  4. Enjoy salad soon, or lettuce will wilt.  If only enjoying in single portions, plate salad portion and drizzle dressing over individually.  Secure remaining dressing with lid, store at room temperature

summa cucumber

summa salad

Beet Balls


  • Please see my previous post for the beet ball recipe HERE.
  • Some tweaks: I adjusted the herb mixture, type of mushroom and nut when I made these recently, and unlike my old post, I find that golden beets do bring out a more savory nature to these balls.


Sauteed Summer Squash


  • 3 summer squash (yellow & zucchini, mixture of your choosing; thinly sliced into half strips)
  • 1 1/2 tbsp grapeseed oil/coconut oil
  • 3 garlic cloves (minced)
  • salt to taste
  • freshly ground black pepper to taste



  1. After slicing squash and mincing garlic, heat skillet over medium heat and add oil
  2. Once oil is hot–should move like water in the pan–gently place squash slices into skillet and gently toss until every piece is covered with oil
  3. After beginning to brown, add garlic
  4. Cook until gentle (to fork) and garlic is fragrant, lightly browned, but not burnt; about 7 minutes
  5. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, toss, serve and enjoy ^_^


Homemade Pasta (gluten-free, soy-free, vegan)

Recipe by:  Cassie


  • 2 tbsp flax (ground)
  • 6 tbsp warm water
  • 1 3/4 cup chickpea flour (additional amount for rolling out and pressing)


Check out my very first instructional video (also streaming on YouTube) on how to make homemade pasta!



  • I made farfalle and fettuccine noodles (both of which fell apart to some degree). I’ll need to do my own personal tweaking to the recipe for the future. Don’t overcook!
  • SALT the water!
  • Make sure you have plenty of flour for rolling out and putting dough through pasta press, otherwise you’ll have a sticky mess.
  • I also recommend keeping a small bowl of cool water nearby wherever your hands are when rolling out the dough. This works much better with moist hands (the dough will not cling to your fingers in such large clumps with a little water).
  • Have a partner! Though you could make this pasta alone, I think it would be more fun and easier with a buddy.
  • Give yourself plenty of time and space. Don’t let the ingredients deceive you, this recipe is relatively time consuming, especially if you’re in a moderately cramped space.
  • Please do not get discouraged if you are in a one butt kitchen or don’t have a pasta press, this is completely doable without both, but it will be more challenging.  Respect your space and the amount of time it will take to make.
  • Kick back and enjoy the experience, otherwise you’ll botch the recipe and process and find yourself very frustrated.
  • Stick to the instructions in the video. Although I’m an advocate of going with the flow in recipes, skipping or rushing a step could lead to problems. :(


Walnut Basil Pesto


  • 1/2 to 1 cup raw walnuts–depending on how ‘nutty’ you want your pesto (soaked w/ apple cider vinegar for 6 hours, rinsed)
  • 1 1/2 to 2 cups loosely pressed basil
  • 3 cloves garlic
  • 1/2 cup olive oil (more or less to your desired consistency)
  • 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice (more or less to your desired consistency, taste)
  • salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste



  1. Place nuts, oil and all other ingredients in high-powered blender or food processor
  2. Begin to blend and slowly increase speed to high
  3. Use bowl scraper to wipe sides of container and blend once more to catch the rest of the ingredients that may have splattered
  4. Depending on the consistency you want (either chunky or smooth), pace your blending
  5. Serve mixed into pasta (specifically for this recipe) and freeze the remainder in an ice-cube tray covered in plastic wrap


  • This will make a sizable amount. Try freezing the remainder in ice-cube trays and cover with plastic wrap.  Later, you have a quick meal as all you’ll have to do is pop a pesto cube onto your dish and heat it up or thaw it out.


Italian Creamy White Sauce w/ Parsley and Grape Tomatoes

Follow directions HERE for dressing then do the following:


  • 1/4 cup raw cashews
  • 1 garlic clove (yes, more garlic)
  • 3 tsp dried Italian herb mixture
  • water to desired consistency (unsweetened almond milk for a thicker consistency)
  • 6 grape tomatoes (quartered)
  • handful of fresh flat leaf parsley (gently minced; lucky me, this go round I had some from my herb garden!)


  1. Follow instructions for dressing FIRST
  2. Next, add cashews, garlic, Italian herb mixture and water
  3. Blend once more
  4. Serve mixed into pasta (add in parsley and quartered grape tomatoes), or over your favorite, homemade gluten-free pizza crust (without the added parsley, just the tomatoes)!


  • Italians typically serve a plain or ‘pasta blanco’ for ease of digestion as a more minimal dish. I dressed up the idea but created a vegan, high protein/omega-3 cream sauce, free of soy and other additives.





Healthy Regards,




Italian Breakfast

Italy Food Culture

Primer – Italian Food Culture

Food and Oral Hygiene | The External Process


Hello lovely friends,

Yes, I love eating, and as you can tell from my last post, I have braces, which can make one of my favorite actions in life a frustrating and daunting task, sometimes.  But, fear not!  As I’m sure you could have guessed, I have ample ideas to help keep those chompers clean with or without the braces.  It’s not always convenient to carry around some type of oral sanitizing device with you, but a tasty treat can both cleanse your palate–and your teeth–whilst satiating your cravings.

Let me break it down for ya!

What’s the What:


This could be you before, after and between all meals!

  • Chewing & Saliva:  I know, I know. I told you that if you have braces you’ll have to give the nay-no to crunchy foods, but that’s mainly if you’re BITING into those crunchy foods.  So, chomp away, with mighty conviction knowing that with each bite you’re helping to reduce plaque build up on your teeth by minimizing food particle build-up on and around your teeth.  What is more, with every bite you will be producing more saliva, which in turn will help to balance the pH in your mouth.  [Ideal oral pH = 7.3 or 7.4]  There are strips you can buy to test this.  A dry mouth = highly acidic = gum recession and bone loss.  Additionally, you will increase your nutrient absorption if you’re properly masticating your comestibles.
  • Breath & Decay:  Bacteria can breed easily in our mouth and is cariogenic– meaning the bacteria that spreads in our mouth can cause decay.  This bacteria not only leads to decay but once festering in your mouth, can cause unpleasant breath. In regards to matters of hygiene, the sitch in our mouth may be more like a stench, and this is for various reasons outside of what I’m going to expound upon today in this blog.  Just know that if your gut is unhappy, or unbalanced in the proper bacteria–those that help keep a healthy gut–then you may or may not see repercussions of that unhappy gut displayed in your breath.  Also, some foods that we eat will overpower our senses with strong odors, while others go unnoticed.  Furthermore, if you’re out with a loved one and they’re eating garlic and onions, take a bite, then you’ll become foul breath buddies for the night.  Alternatively, if you know you’ll be consuming a culprit bad breath edible, see the list of the yummy-time chow below to follow-up a meal.
  • Between Meals & Characteristics:  What’s less manifest in the dental health realm is implementing proper saliva inducing properties between meals.  One thing is for sure, consuming fermentable carbs [see below] will surely lead to decay and, again, an improper balance in your oral pH.  Moreover, carbohydrates that cling to your teeth begin the process of something that’s almost like an acid wash over your teeth and gums. Stay away from the sticky carbs or IMMEDIATELY rinse your mouth out.

What to Look Out For:

John Lennon

John Lennon

  1. Fermentable Carbs [keep these to a minimum if you have or suspect you have certain intolerances like lactose, fructose, fructans, and sorbitol]:  dairy, apples, watermelon, pears, wheat, brussels, avocados
  2. Foods that help increase saliva:  citrus (lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange), xylitol gum, room temperature or mildly warm soup, lemon juice in water
  3. Post-Odorous Breath Inducing Foods:  cinnamon (try mixing a shake of cinnamon with hot water and drink it like tea, add stevia or xylitol for sweetening), spearmint and mint (if you have these herbs readily available, either place a couple of leaves in your mouth and suck, then chew and swallow, concentrating on the back tongue area, or make a nice, fresh tea). Also, try chewing on a sprig of parsley (if this sounds strange to some of you, and you’re more the type to throw away that ‘garnish’ on your plate, save it just once until the end of your meal, chew it up, and see if it works).
  4. Whenever Eats:  apples, pears, tomatoes, celery, nuts, jicima, radishes, cucumber, strawberries (assist in cleansing and mild bleaching), green tea (if you can  handle caffeine), spinach & lettuce (reduce staining)

It’s important for us all to keep in mind how fastened our dietary choices are to many aspects of our life, and this includes our dental health.  I find this topic very interesting so thanks for letting me share with you.  And remember…bite responsibly!

Healthy Regards,


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Braces & Eating

by:  Charles Schulz

by: Charles Schulz


Good Evening Everyone,

Oh, how I’ve missed writing so very much!  There have been many new occurrences and happenings lately in my life that have swept me away, but they are all good changes.  A good shake-up is something I always welcome because as much as we all like to resist and avoid change, I understand it is necessary and wonderful for all of us.

I thought it best to keep up with the ever-changing mood of my life lately in today’s post, which is all about braces and food.  Oddly enough, the mouth–from my observations–is mainly focused on, in the media, as a point of sexual attraction and stimulation, but rarely is the mouth, or the teeth within a mouth, focused on as a utilitarian device for, well, consumption.  There are of course numerous ads for teeth cleaning devices and aesthetic improvement tools for ones lips and teeth, but rarely are these ads aimed at why having clean, less crowded teeth is important. When they are aimed at this topic, the scientific tip is second to the exquisite design of the ad and the beautiful person displaying said product.  My point?  Today I would like to talk about what it means to have those chompers all bracketed up with metals or ceramics and how this act impacts our eating habits which in turn impacts our oral health.  Yes, it’s all connected!

Digestion begins in the mouth as a mechanical process wherein we chew our food, break it down into small particles and then our saliva, which contains the enzyme ptyalin, begins the digestion of starch from food into maltose (a sugar/disaccharide).  Knowing this process is important because having a device like braces in your mouth could potentially hinder you from chewing properly or at all.  The mouth is where all physical consumption begins and that’s why braces can become a true nuisance if you’re not careful.

Here are a few thoughts and recommendations to those of you out there braced up.


  • First and foremost, CHEW it all up.  There’s a company called HapiLabs that has created a utensil that helps calculate the amount of time you need to properly chew your food by how quickly you do or don’t return said utensil to your mouth.  It’s a fantastic idea and I can’t wait to get my hands on one!  Yes, these sorts of things excite me.  Thanks to a friend who mentioned this ingenious gadget to me.
  • What I’m about to mention may sound very strange to those of you who are brace free, but to those burdened, try to become accustomed to the grooves and feel of your teeth and where your pesky troublesome spots are.  What do I mean?  Where are the spots in your mouth where food gets easily jammed, stuck, squished, notched, etc. Knowing the vexing spots will enable you to become even more of an active participant in eating.
  • Don’t be embarrassed.  Yes, sometimes when you’re eating, some food particles will inevitably get lodged somewhere that’s inconvenient.  This will happen, so accept this fact now and move on.  What you can do is pay attention and have water handy.  A modest swish won’t hurt anybody and it’s not breaking any major etiquette rules.
  • Have hygiene tools readily available.  Depending on your situation, this may or may not be convenient, but my suggestion is to always have tooth powder/paste, a brush, floss and flossers, and those small rubber stick-like flossing devices handy–these are the most convenient for a small bag, wallet or clutch.  At home, I’d also recommend a water-flosser and of course a nice chemical free mouth wash.  I recommend something with tea-tree oil, peppermint oil, or sage oil.


  • What to avoid eating:
  1. Anything too sticky or chewy, I would avoid.
  2. Don’t over-do it with citrus foods like lemons and limes because they can impact the exposed enamel and leave markings while the tooth surface area that’s covered becomes discolored.
  3. On the note of discoloration, I would avoid excessive consumption of dark drinks like black teas, coffee, Dandy Blend, dark ales and even red wine.  I’m not saying avoid these all together, but over-consumption without proper home hygiene and regular dental cleanings will lead to more intrinsic staining you won’t find too appealing later when the braces come off.  Additionally, don’t fret too much about some staining you may see while in the braces, this is natural as your teeth are undergoing a slow trauma, depending on the type of staining you can get rid of it later.
  4. Hard and overly crunchy foods are unfortunately a big no-no in the braces world.  So if you’re a big fan of biting into carrots and celery, you’ll have to get accustomed to pre-slicing your food.

  5. I would also stray away from sharp crusts and biting INTO foods.  This was a very difficult point for me to comprehend in the beginning.  That’s what our teeth are there for, biting, right? Wrong, not when you have braces.  Bite sizes, that’s going to be your new best friend.
  6. Gum. I wouldn’t touch gum unless you’re very strategic.
  7. For other obvious body health reasons as well and to assist yourself in NOT getting gum recession, plaque build up and cavities, avoid intense amounts of sugary goods.  If you partake in a sweet-tooth-sweet, have the foresight to keep those handy hygiene tools around to give the ol’ chompers a cleanse.
  • I considered making a list of foods that would be helpful to consume, but to be honest, my diet hasn’t changed that dramatically since I got braces in January.  Most of the nuances mentioned already covered any changes or adjustments I have had to undergo and obstacles I’ve had to overcome.  Eating is something I enjoy greatly and I think it’s incredibly important to understand and enjoy the process.  Today, I can’t think of a better way of getting closer to my food than to understand how my body and those foreign and helpful devices have to handle it.

I hope this post was helpful and gave some of you a better perspective on the many aspects of the eating world.

Sending all of my braced and non-braced friends out there love and un-gunked teeth thoughts!  And remember… bite responsibly (especially with those bracket buddies). :p


Healthy Regards,


My Comfort Foods, Now

Charles Schulz

Charles Schulz

Good Day Everyone,

There are moments when all we really want is something comforting. In fact, our choices are often affected by our moods.  Keeping in mind that ‘comfort foods’ are often associated with cravings, I’d like to share with you all a list of some of my favorite comfort foods as of late and give you a little perspective as to why I’m not turning toward the more grease/processed sugar/gluten-laden/soy-dense foods with any regularity.

First, to address why I try to stray from the aforementioned food categories.  More than anything, my body is so sensitive to even the most remote toxin that I’ll suffer for days in some shape or form. While this may have been something I was willing to put up with years ago, I’m coming to the conclusion that these days of suffering are more than just moments of uncomfortableness.  What do I mean?  Every time I throw off the balance of the pH in my body by some extreme (when I introduce foods I have an intolerance to), I suffer from a myriad of harmful affects that are making pathogenic layers in my body.  Yep, that’s right, layers. That’s how I like to think of it, that is.  I’m really hurting myself long-term if I eat my “naughty” foods often, and nobody else has to live with the aftermath but me.  Maybe you relate to this, maybe you don’t, but don’t forget our body is always talking to us, even if what it’s saying is less subtle.

Second, the list.  These foods are not all necessarily in season as of now, but have been at some point or another, comforting and calming.  I believe in loving what you eat and introducing love with each step in the process of preparing what you eat. Thus for me, comfort foods are a full-circle endeavor.  Let me share some of those foods with you!

  • basic soup:  Round up your broth, miso (white/yellow) for a more hearty less intense soup, and favorite veggies, and have a blast making a simple soup.  Often times, I’ll use up the veggies I think are on the brink of less fresh, and find a way to work them in.  I often serve with millet, brown rice or quinoa over a bed of greens.  This way your greens wilt, only slightly and stay a bright and lively green color.  Balance color if possible, meaning consider the rainbow.  Serve in your favorite large, deep mug, and start sipping and chewing away.

Why eat this?

Brothy soups are full of warm fluids to help flush out a lot of toxins from your body.  According to Chinese medicine, if you carry too much heat in your body, one way to help cool is by adding hot foods.  As strange as this may sound, it’s very helpful and affective.  Try having some hot soup with your cool salad to balance out your body.

  • butternut squash:  Although butternut squash can be cooked in many ways, one of my favorite ways is to roast.  Some days, there is NOTHING better than cubed butternut squash, lightly (and I mean lightly) coated with olive oil, and spices/herbs of my choice on that particular day.  My favorite combo of spices and herbs:  thyme, Himalayan sea salt, black pepper, garlic granules and a dash of paprika.  Mouth watering.  I typically eat this with a salad or by itself.

Why eat this?

CAROTENOIDS!  That lovely, vivid color that you see before your very eyes is packed with nutrients.  It’s also high in vitamin-c and loaded with beta-carotene (that will convert to vitamin A), which helps the integrity of the skin, wards off lung and oral cancers and improves eye-sight.  Color says a lot about a food’s beneficial properties.

  • roasted mushrooms:  More specifically, I work with baby bellas and white mushrooms.  Prepare by slicing them in half, create a light coating of oil, and mix with sesame seeds and Himalayan sea salt.  I typically serve this with a grain of some sort or on a salad.

Why eat this?

Mushibooms help to increase your immune system, so you can stay happy and healthy and boost your vitamin D.  Also, Mushies are loaded with b-vitamins; b-vits are responsible for turning the carbs you eat into fuel; very important!

  • frozen blended banana:  I made this for my mother a few months back when she came to visit us, and though I was initially hesitant to serve this to her, she loved it and immediately wanted the recipe.  (This went overmuch better than chia seed pudding, but I still love that too!) Peal and fragment the  banana into small pieces and freeze. Later, thaw slightly and blend with raw cocoa powder topped with raisins, chopped nuts, cinnamon, coconut shavings or nothing at all.

    Connect a Bite – Rachel Anne Manning© 2013

    Frozen Blended Banana
    Connect a Bite – Rachel Anne Manning© 2013

Why eat this?

Bananas are incredibly healing, easy to digest, and will provide energy without overworking your digestive system.   Additionally, bananas are an essential way to provide your gut with prebiotics, assisting in the proper absorption of helpful probiotics, later.

  • raw chocolate treats:  This is my ULTIMATE sweet tooth, sweet.  For me, there’s nothing better in the food world than a little nibble from a raw cacao  tart or truffle followed by a sumptuous sip from my next item on the list, tea.  Make it yourself or pick them up at the store, either way, these are a MUST, unless you dislike chocolate. :p

Why eat this?

Raw cacao is a better source of vitamin-C than trusty orange juice.  BAM!  Also, raw cacao is incredibly high (in it’s raw form) in antioxidants and (one of my favorites), it will help to balance blood sugar. 😀  Yes, please.

  • tea:  Tulsi Tea’s Red Chai Masala (herbal) or hibiscus chamomile, any brand or make it yourself. (Even better!)  I especially enjoy the red chai masala with  …CHOCOLATE on the side (as noted above)!  Make sure to let your tea steep an appropriate amount of time, typically 10+ minutes, covered.  I often use a small plate if there are no other options.  The hibiscus chamomile tea would also be a lovely afternoon tea, served cool, on a hot day.  Honestly, I feel like I’m treating myself.

Why drink this?

The red chai masala is high in antioxidants, which will help ward off any of those nasty oxidative toxins that have made their way into your system.  Also, this blend contains ginger which will help to aid in digestion or an upset stomach.  Hibiscus chamomile tea helps to sooth and relax, and in the process it assists in lowering your blood pressure.

  • roasted okra:  I know, I know, I’m obsessed with roasted veggies, but when they’re guilt-free and provide a form of contentment, I cannot resist.  I rinse them, chop off the stems and roast them whole, tossed only with olive oil and Himalayan sea salt.  Superb!

Why eat this?

Okra is delicious! What I’d like to highlight about okra is its mucilaginous (why it’s so slimy) quality that helps to relieve digested food from your body so it doesn’t hang around and fester, creating pesky problems.  Need I say more?

Connect a Bite – Rachel Anne Manning© 2013

Omega Bumpin’ Smoothie
Connect a Bite – Rachel Anne Manning© 2013

  • smooooothies: Although I enjoy a variety of smoothies, this particular smoothy is one I’m hooked on lately.  It’s filled with chia seeds, hemp seeds, ground flax, frozen peaches, spinach/kale, banana, cinnamon, olive oil, unsweetened almond milk and coconut water!  (Sometimes I add 1/2 of an avocado in place of the olive oil.)  Thick, nicely textured, not too sweet, and still hooks you up with greens!

Why drink this?

There are a multitude of ways this smoothie is fantastic, but here are a few.  The chia seeds, hemp seeds and flax will provide you with a fantastic source of omega 3 while also assisting in balancing your blood sugar, providing a complete protein source and more.  The olive oil helps to add a little extra weight to the drink, and by weight I mean it aids in making the smoothie more filling.  Also, cinnamon acts as an appetite suppressant, which is great if you’re going awhile between meals.

  • banana with raw almond butter drizzle:  This pretty much sums it up. I will often cut my banana into little chunks into a bowl, and then drizzle the almond butter over it.  Add all the extras you would like.  Sometimes, if I want an extra crunch, I’ll add 1/2 of a gluten-free English muffin, cut into small pieces, and layer the banana on top. Try adding extra fruit, nuts, or seeds to your liking!

Why eat this?

(see above) Although bananas and raw almond butter are not the ideal food combination, eating this delicious snack on an empty stomach, and not directly following a meal, should be ok to go.

  • greens with homemade lemon-olive oil dressing and walnuts:  Simple.  Greens of your choice (spinach, romaine, kale, sprouts, etc…), and toss with this zesty dressing, and for the extra texture/crunch, top with walnut pieces.

Why eat this?

The citrus juice will help you absorb the iron that’s stored in the greens.  Also, it’s a delicious combo. ^___^  If you’re weary of TOO much fat, maybe skip the walnuts, but I say, if you’re eating a whole foods diet, those walnuts (raw, soaked, then dehydrated of course) are your friend because they are just the right amount of monounsaturated fats (those omega 3s) to help your brain.

Whew, I suppose I comfort myself often, but another way to look at this list–and what you’re eating–is that it (consumption) can be a consistently enjoyable experience if you want it to be–we teach our body and our brain what to want.  I hope this list is of some help to you all and if you have any questions or thoughts, shout out!   And remember…bite responsibly!

Healthy and Happy SxSW Eating Days,



Austin: Natural and Alternative Food Purchases


Maggie Cooks

Maggie Cooks

Hello Everyone!

I’ve been talking so much lately about daily eating habits, I thought I’d give a little perspective on some helpful resources to enable said habits within the city of Austin, in case you happen to live here and don’t know where to go, or in case you’re dropping in for a visit.  Either way, I know when I go traveling, I need to know where I can pick up my kind of shopping purchases without having to drive all over to find the best sources and the best prices.  Also, I very frequently emphasize the farmers’ market, but this post will focus more on stops outside of the fresh market arena.

Places to Check Out (Please note, this list is not exhaustive):

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Wheatsville Co-op:


  •  Location:  3101 Guadalupe St  Austin, TX 78705 (new location to open soon)
  • Some items of note:  If you’re looking for a store that brings both value, and top alternative merchandise with a wonderful and welcoming environment, this is the place for you.  Their production section is fantastic yet minimal.  They don’t overstock produce, but I’ve never NOT found what I was looking for.  They place emphasis, as I’m sure you could guess, on local produce and organic produce.  There are the regular exotic fruits like bananas and a pretty regular selection of junior coconuts.  The produce staff will assist you in sizing down heavy weighted items like cabbage, if you’re not interested in buying the entire thing.  Their deli has a tremendous amount of vegan and gluten-free options, though I will say their pre-made dishes are a little canola oil/soy heavy for my taste, but generally,  I feel their options are a nice range of both healthy and “craving” foods to meet our many food moods.  They have consistent items behind the counter like their breakfast tacos and the very popular vegan ‘po’ boy’ sandwich, yet they offer seasonal dishes to suit your pallet, such as roasted acorn squash slices.  Just adjacent to the deli, is the baked goods/pastry section where you’ll find Red Rabbit Cooperative Bakery’s vegan doughnuts, fair-trade coffee, and a wide variety of other goods in stock everyday.  If you have a wheat intolerance/allergy stop by on Wednesday’s for their wheat-free items.

Natural Grocers:


  • Locations:  3901 Guadalupe St. Austin, TX & 10515 N. Mopac Expressway, Bldg L
  • Some items of note:  Best Austin bargains for natural and alternative foods, overall.  I always pick up my kombuchas here as they have a variety of brands and the best deal.  Also, they have an extensive tea selection (boxed mainly), but if you’re into Tulsi tea at all, they have the biggest selection I’ve ever seen.  There is not a deli/meat counter of any sort, but they do frequently have new items sampled at the front of the store, typically with their creator or a proxy.  Within the produce section, they will discount their bananas once they are overly ripe, which is great because I LOVE ripe bananas (remember my brown buddy rule)!  Also, they have a wide range of raw nuts and seeds kept fresh by refrigeration.  Natural Grocers subtly stresses strength in health via diet (nutrition) and supplementation.  They have a myriad of sources within their store, ranging from in-store nutritional assistance to books/magazines galore!

The Daily Juice & Juiceland:



  • Location: Multiple locations for each shop
  • If you’re in the mood for fresh juice and freshly prepared sandwiches, salads and other alternative goodies (even vegan soft serve and the works), these are definitely places you should stop into at some point.  Immunity boosting shots and incredibly healing foods in their purest form…how could I leave these two shops off of my list?  If you’re interested in raw foods, such as protein powders, bars, drinks, treats, granolas, supplements and more, each of these places are very concentrated and will not only have special and unique items you may not be able to find anywhere else, but they will also have a helpful staff to school you on all you’d like to know.  




Mr. Natural:  


  • Locations:  1901 E. Cesar Chavez  &  2414 – A South Lamar  &  205 E. Rundberg Ln.
  • Not only can you reach out to Mr. Natural for a quick prepared bite, but you can also stop in for alternative, and some Mexican-inspired, pastries and baked goods, that range from vegan to gluten-free.  Alongside their restaurant you’ll find a wide range of vitamins, supplements and an assortment of foodstuffs that are certainly not in the mainstream’s eye.  Check out their radio spots too, if you’re into connecting even more!

As there are a multitude of stops in Austin for natural foods and alternative products, what you’ll see listed below are places I frequent less for an assortment of reasons, but none-the-less are ultimately good spots to check-out if you’re looking for the non-standard grocery visit.  I’ve listed their locations throughout Austin, in case you’re not interested in checking out their website.

People’s Pharmacy

  • Locations:  13860 US 183 N, Ste C (at 620)  &  4018 North Lamar  &  3801 South Lamar  &  4201 Westbank Drive
  • How it stands out:  Often goes the extra step, and will often have staff on hand to chat with you about healthful food purchases.  If they (the staff) are not able to find what your’e looking for, they will direct you to the best spots in town to pick them up in case they’re out.

Central Market

  • Locations: 4001 N. Lamar Blvd.  &  4477 S. Lamar Blvd. 
  • How it stands out:  They offer an amazing array of mushrooms that you can’t find anywhere else, and they often have very exotic fruits if you’re living on the edge that particular day.   :p

Whole Foods

  •  Locations:  525 N Lamar Blvd.  &  4301 W. William Cannon Bldg B, Ste 800  &  9607 Research Blvd.  &  
  • How it stands out:  It’s the first Whole Foods, huge, and often offers young coconuts with holes drilled in them with a straw, screaming “DRINK ME!”


  • 10225 Research Blvd.  &  6920 Manchaca Rd.  &  4006 S. Lamar Blvd..
  • How it stands out:  It has an incredible bulk section and often has great sales, you just have to be around to catch them.

Austin is the kind of city that caters to the palates of the counter-culture and droves of foodies that settle and pass through.  I hope this list is of some assistance to you in your travels through or settlement of our tasty city.  And remember…bite responsibly!


Healthy Regards,