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Edible Inspiration: Week 28

Not my tip-top today, but here’s a look back at my week.

1)  These scrumptious Belgian waffles (gluten free and animal product free) made by the Mr.  It was a crunchy swan song–as some of you know I won’t be eating solids for a while.  These tasties were covered in crunchy peanut butter.

eiwk28_12)  Organic cherries…thank you summer, thank you farmers.

eiwk28_23) A cozy resting spot for the next few days.

eiwk28_34)  Homemade libations from a friend.

eiwk28_45)  My trusty blender; things couldn’t get any smoother or liquified.

eiwk28_56)  Watermelon smoothies are delightful.


Okay, time to get some more rest, it is healing time.  Share some of your #edibleinspiration pics with me and check out more Edible Inspiration.  Have a lovely weekend everyone and remember…bite responsibly!

Healthy Regards,


New Year: Food for Thought (part 1)


The year is only hours away from being just another recycled calendar so I thought it best to bestow upon the internet saturated world one more list of tops to help you consolidate your yearly conclusions.  This will be a first for me, but what will follow are my top 12 (in no particular order) foods, food thoughts, conclusions, lessons and the like for the year 2012. Without further adieu…

  1. Pizza, pizzzzzza, pizzer, peeetza:  Whatever your opinion on this Naples, Italy staple, pizza has played a significant role in 2012.  In fact, friends and I rang in the new year (2012) with homemade pizza topped with tomato sauce, onions, jalapenos, spinach, and a faux cheese brand, Daiya.  Our crusts have ranged from unbleached white crust (the naughtiest, but fullest of fluff crusts) to gluten-free (crispy, cracker-like crust).  Pizza has been a prominent foodstuff in many ways because for us, it has become both a treat that we treasure and a convenience that we appreciate.  Our bulk grain buying and muscle pumped ( :p ) arms have been given a true workout this year in the pizza making department as eachslicewas created with a labor of true love and devotion.  What’s more, we always make enough pizza dough to have a pizza crust stored in the freezer for later.  Additionally, I became rather fond of making homemade sauce.  Our pizza goals for the new year; more creative crusts (possible because of our new and much appreciated holiday gift of a pizza stone), tomato-free sauces (I’m already working on the recipe) and unique/experimental pizza topping ideas!

    Cathy Sparks Etsy

    Cathy Sparks Etsy

  2. Cleansing:  Whether this is something you do daily or occasionally for a full-body flush, cleansing is something I thought I knew everything about at the onset of 2012, but, like most of life, realizing I have much to learn has been such a relief.  It may sound rather strange, but it’s so comforting that I don’t know it all.  Coming to the close of another year, which for me (be it placebo or not) is a true marker of a new beginning, I’ve discovered so much about my body and how it responds to certain foods and how to truly cleanse. I know with confidence that with every day that passes I am one step closer to knowing nothing at all.  Ha, what a relief!  Maybe more than cleansing internally, I am cleansing mentally… letting go of mental road-blocks and archaic ideas in regards to food and how it will affect my body… cleansing has taken on a new meaning for me.  It’s not just a physical act, but emotional and mental too.
  3. Smoothie City:  This can’t be too much of a surprise to some of you who know me or read my blog regularly, but making smoothies has become a part of my food making routine and some flavas hold dietary dominance.  On my birthday this year I was given a Vitamix blender, which was quite possibly the best purchased gift I’ve ever been given.  Thanks go to my sweet loving man. <3  The two most prominent smoothies:  the green smoothie variety–I couldn’t live without you–and my protein, body-loving smoothie. Here’s how to make the latter! Ingredients:  2-2 1/2 cups unsweetened original almond milk, shake of cinnamon, two brown-buddy ripe (my phrase for extra-ripe) bananas, and 2 tbsp of the following:  flax meal (freshly ground), chia seeds, hemp seeds, cocoa powder.  [This is enough for two.]  Yumtastic to the max.  Connect with your food on a more visceral level with immediacy by liquefying.  The channels of nutrient delivery will burst wide open and your body will love you.  Thanks 2012 for this fantastic implementation only to be improved upon in 2013!
  4. Gluten-Free:  On day two of 2012 I was on a strict zero-gluten product diet.  This change didn’t carry 100% consistency throughout the entire year–though this was never my intention–but it did teach me a few things.  I’ve learned a great deal about what gluten does to our bodies and the role wheat, more specifically, has played in the history of food consumption.  It has occurred to me that replacements are not always necessary, nor are they a sound alternative to what you were previously eating.  Sometimes abstinence from a food texture in general, is not a bad thing. Forgoing teaches us discipline and appreciation.
  5. Self -Reflection:  Although I’ve already remarked on this topic to some degree, I thought it (self-reflection) deserved its own bullet.  An ongoing theme of growth for me this year has been to focus less on my surroundings and those individuals around me and focusing more on centering myself internally.  Working on myself from the inside out with an emphasis on what I consume, how I consume it and why I consume it has not been an easy journey for me this year, and it is no stretch to say at times it has been a struggle.  When I started this blog in March, I put all of myself into it, and with every post I have tried to imbue the purest form of gratitude possible towards food.  A goal for the new year/life, allowing myself the gift of truly experiencing food, however corny this may sound.
  6. Chamomile  and Hibiscus Mint Tea:    Without an unneeded amount of expansion on this topic, let me just say that if my body has reached an internal idea of its most perfect temperament, these two teas would be apart of the equation.  As my body tunes itself into a lovely melody, sipping on these lovely gems in my favorite tea-cup helps to pamper my mind and digestive system back into a state of ease.


Until 2013, I must depart.  I hope the onset of the new year finds you happy, healing and well.  Make sure to check-in tomorrow for the last 6!  And remember…bite with love, responsibly!

Healthy Regards,